UFL: Video of enraged Army GTI official after red card


There was one UFL Div 1 match on Sunday, a goalless draw between Army and Pachanga PLDT Home Fibr. Army were reduced to ten men in the first half when Ronel Gener got his second yellow after a challenge with Reza Amirkhizan.

Gener, who gets more cards than some regulars at the Midas Poker Club 10-20 cash game, said he made no contact with the Iranian. At any rate, it’s his third red rectangle of the league.  One thinks that his reputation as a cleated Rudy Distrito walks five meters ahead of him in every match, contributing to this sending-off.

An official from Army GTI, a Korean whose name I was unable to get, went totally apeshit at the call. Watch the video of him railing at the head referee, all of this after he was tossed from the game.

I really can’t quite understand the Korean’s broken English. All I know is that I haven’t known of this much Korean anger since the last North-South talks broke down in Panmunjom.

You can also hear Ronel Gener (not to be confused with his brother, former Azkal Roel) suggesting that the officials refresh their skills with a seminar.

Gotta love this league. All sorts of fun stuff going in in every game.

Oh, and don’t mind the intrusion early on in the video from PLDT Home Fibr volunteer staffer Kathlene Co.




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