Gallery: Philippine Volcanoes rugby team vs Japan

The Philippines might have gone down 99-10 against the Brave Blossoms on May 3 in the Asian 5 Nations, but they sure gave it all they had.

They travel to Sri Lanka on May 17 and then host South Korea in Eagle’s Nest in Southern Plains, Calamba Laguna on May 24.

The team will be beefed up with the return of Michael Letts, Chris Hitch (for the Sri Lanka match), Michael Duhig, Ronald Fong, Rafael Zappia, and Phil Abraham.

At any rate, the PRFU is prioritizing Sevens instead of the Fifteens that is played in the A5N. The Volcanoes will play in the Asian Games in Korea in September. If they finish well in that tournament they could qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, where Sevens rugby will be played.

The team will also compete in the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore where Matt Cullen of PRFU says “we will bring you a gold medal then.”

Meanwhile enjoy my photos from the Japan match. Nikon D3200 with Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG HSM Macro.

CSC_4606 CSC_4605 CSC_4604 CSC_4603 CSC_4602 CSC_4601 CSC_4600 CSC_4599 CSC_4598 CSC_4597 CSC_4596 CSC_4595 CSC_4594 CSC_4592 CSC_4589 CSC_4588 CSC_4587 CSC_4586 CSC_4585 CSC_4584 CSC_4583 CSC_4582 CSC_4580 CSC_4578 CSC_4577 CSC_4576



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