The Cutest Little Artificial-Grass Football Pitch in town.


Last night I had a kickaround with the ABS-CBN football club in the private artificial-grass pitch of a family in San Juan.

It’s very small. Maybe 13 meters by 22 meters, even smaller than a basketball court. But it’s an adorable little field, very suitable for small kids. One guy already had a football-themed kiddie party there.  Adults can play there too, but I would think 4-a-side is the best game for adults. We played five-a-side and it was a bit tight. 3-v-3 no keeper, no long shot is also good.

There is a fence all around on one side and a low wall on one side. We played it American-indoor-soccer style by allowing the ball to bounce off the cage and the low wall. It really helps a lot. If the ball goes out the goal line, then we call it a goal kick.

The pitch is so tiny that it’s very hard to play the ball deep from goal and have someone with a good first stop to collect it and shoot. I kept on hitting the goalie.

I did, though, score one goal while playing goalie, spearing the ball into the low corner from outside my penalty area. It was the only one of maybe ten long shots that prospered.

The nets are high and collected every ball we threw at them. The goal frames look smaller than those in a futsal court and one is recessed into the fence.

The turf itself is similar to the Decorea plastic grass in the Camp. There is lots of infill, and the grass just barely peeks out of it. It’s pretty firm, but not bad at all. I wore short-studded turf shoes and they were perfect. Flat-soled shoes should be fine as long as it doesn’t rain.

There’s even a mini-bleacher beside it.

The family doesn’t seem to want to promote the venue much so I won’t give any details. But if they tell me they don’t mind, I can release that info also.

I wish I had this in my home!

DSCN9933 DSCN9932 DSCN9931 DSCN9930 DSCN9929


4 responses to “The Cutest Little Artificial-Grass Football Pitch in town.

  1. hi bob, i work i recently got employed in ABSCBN and im not aware of this football club. i’d like to be a part of their team if given the chance.

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