Turbine breathing aid for athletes comes to the Philippines.



The Turbine sports breathing technology is now available in the Philippines through Chris Sports.

The apparatus is a polymer stent that goes into your nose and dilates the nostril to allow more air to go into your lungs during athletic activity. It’s recommended for runners, triathletes, cyclists and anyone else who does aerobic activity.

The Australian company claims that you can breathe in 38% more air with it.

Professional cyclist Chris Froome, the 2013 Tour de France champ, is a fan.

The concept is simlar to the old Breathe Right nasal strips, which unlike Turbine, dilated from outside the nose instead of within.

I played football with a turbine last night and although it didn’t help me score more goals, you can really feel your nostril getting bigger inside. Only a small yellow bridge below the septum is visible.

A starter pack with three different sizes is P750 while packs of three with small, medium and large sizes will run for P1500. They are only available in Chris Sports outlets.

Learn more at http://www.theturbine.com. They have a great FAQs page here. or check out Chris Sports’ FB page here. 


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