Yokohama Cup spurs youth football


The first Yokohama Football Cup was a certifiable success last May 20 and 21 at McKinley Hill Stadium in Taguig. The event attracted 105 teams in the U8, U10, U12, U14 boys, U14 girls, Men’s open and Women’s open categories.

“Yokohama wants to be a brand that promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle,” said Cathy Nazareno, head of CAN Sports, the sports events company that staged the tournament.

“This is a unique event for us,” said Yokohama Philippines marketing head Shawn Pamintuan.

“Worldwide we want to introduce our brand to a younger generation.”

Yokohama is the shirt sponsor of Chelsea FC, who were recently crowned champions of the English Premier League.

The Philippine operations is looking into football as an alternative means of marketing their tires. They have previously been a minor sponsor of the PBA.

Pamintuan says they like the festive nature of outdoor events like football tournaments.

Unlike other 7-a-side tournaments, The Yokohama Cup runs over two days instead of one. Teams are only asked to come during certain hours of the day when their categories are being played, avoiding the long waits in other tournaments.


While most of the squads came from the Metro Manila are, many traveled quite far to play. Gilas Dinalupihan and Brincat FC came all the way from Bataan to play and did not stay in Manila on Saturday night, making the trip back and forth on both Saturday and Sunday. Brincats won the U12 competition.

There was also a representative from Batangas, Dragon Ball Kickerz.

Another interesting story was the Tuloy Don Bosco women’s side, mostly comprised of orphans from the Mandaluyong orphanage. They placed second in the women’s open, just falling to Outkast in the final.

Aside from the matches themselves there were also fun Yokohama activations for kids, like a velcro wall where players could kick a ball and try to make it stick to win prizes. Beside it was a similar fun game involving kicking footballs into stacks of Yokohama tires. Yokohama giveaways were given to winners.

FC Meralco and Azkals stars Phil and James Younghusband also added some star power by visiting the event.

Yokohama is the only tire manufacturer in the Philippines, according to Pamintuan. Their facility in Clark field, Pampanga, employs 3000 workers and churns out 27,000 tires a day, 95% of which are exported. That plant is Yokohama’s biggest in Asia. The Japanese firm has been operating in the Philippines for two decades now.

Pamintuan says all Toyota Vios and Innova units sold here roll off the assembly line on their rubber. Learn more about Yokohama in the Philippines on their Facebook page.

Here is the complete list of podium finishers in all categories. CAN Sports’ next big football event is the Adobo Cup on June 10.

8U Champ Hedcen (3-1 vs San Lo FC) 1st RU San Lo FC 2nd RU TYFA 3rd RU Raya FC

12U Champ Brincat FC of Bataan (2-1 vs Sing Sch Mnl) 1st RU Singapore School Manila 2nd RU FC Bilibid 3rd RU Sto Cristo

10U Champ UP Campus (2-0 vs Carribean FC) 1st RU Carribean FC (BSM students) 2nd RU UTD Friends 3rd RU Singapore School Manila

14U Champ FC Bilibid of Muntinlupa (2-0 vs Dinalupihan) 1st RU Gila Dinalupihan from Bataan 2nd RU Dragonball Kickers 3rd RU Young Pinoy

14U Girls Champ Sims (6 points, league type) 1st RU Carribean 2nd RU TYFA

6U Champ Hedcen (12 points, league type) 1st RU Socceroo 2nd RU TYFA

16U Girls Champ Nomads (12 points, league type) 1st RU TYFA 2nd RU SIMS

16U Boys Champ Young Pinoy (2-1 vs AlabFC) 1st RU Alab FC 2nd RU Gila Dinalupihan 3rd RU FC Bilibid

Mens Open Champ Dipolog FC (2-1 vs TYFA) 1st RU TYFA 2nd RU Hangover 3rd RU Sims

Womens Open Champ Outkast FC (4-1 vs Tuloy sa Don Bosco) 1st RU Tuloy DB 2nd RU TYFA B 3rd RU Guiseppe A



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